International Summer School on "Sustainable Economic Growth"

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Dátum: : 2019-04-26 18:00 - 2019-05-09 10:00

Helyszín: Kaposvar University


The Kaposvár University Faculty of Economic Science is pleased to launch its International Summer School on "Sustainable Economic Growth" between from 26. April to 09. May 2019

Summer School is a two week long academic programs designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds in a unique academic and cultural environment in a highly interactive way.

The proposed topics of the program:

  • Alternative economics
  • Rural sustainability
  • Excellence in leadership and management
  • Food marketing
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Food waste
  • Sustainability and Smart Cities
  • Visualization
  • Biogas and sustainable models
  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Local Economic Development
  • Waste management living lab

For students

You may join various research groups, prepare for your own paper and presentation, while obtaining your ECTS for the courses. The course is full free of charge for the first 40 applicants and it includes a good accommodation as well. Further you may apply satellite programs at a rate of fair cost.

For lecturers and researchers

We invite you to take part on the program as speaker or co-researcher in the related topics. You may also have the opportunity to present your institution to international students, as well as to take part in the round table discussions on future joint projects in partnership of universities, partner organizations. It is also possible to participate with Erasmus + teaching or training staff mobility.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best regards,

Ádám Csuvár
responsible for program organization




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